Context English Serbian
Accepts Accepts
AccessibilitySetting__Flashes Disable flashes (e.g. lightning)
AccessibilitySetting__Title Accessibility
ActiveDisplay_Setting Active display Aktivni Ekran
AdditionError__CollisionWith Collision with {0}
AdditionError__InvalidHeight Invalid placement height, must be placed within heights {0} and {1} (inclusive).
AdditionError__NeedsOcean Some part needs to be in the ocean
AdditionError__NotFarmable Some ground is not farmable
AdditionError__NotInSlot Must be placed in a highlighted slot
AdditionError__OceanBlocked Ocean access blocked
AdditionError__OceanBlockedBy Ocean access blocked by '{0}' or terrain.
AdditionError__OceanNotAllowed Cannot place in the ocean
AdditionError__OutsideOfMap Outside of buildable area
AdditionError__SomethingInWay Something is in the way
AdditionError__ThinDeposit Requires ground deposit with thickness at least: {0}, current thickness: {1}
AdditionError__Unique Building is unique and already exists
AddNewShipPart Add new part
AdoptPops__Title Adopt population
AdoptPops__Tooltip People in the settlement that are willing to join your island. This number replenishes naturally over time until the limit is reached. The capacity and replenish rate are affected by your reputation. Also some settlements might not have this option.
AdoptPopsAction Adopt {0} pop