Context English Serbian
Accepts Accepts
AccessibilitySetting__Flashes Disable flashes (e.g. lightning)
AccessibilitySetting__Title Accessibility Pristupačnost
ActiveDisplay_Setting Active display Aktivni Ekran
AdditionError__DesignationOverlap Overlapping with terrain designation
AdditionError__HasDeposit Cannot be placed on top of existing deposit ({0})
AdditionError__NeedsOcean Some part needs to be in the ocean
AdditionError__NoDeposit There is no deposit of {0}
AdditionError__NotASurface Requires a hard surface (e.g. concrete)
AdditionError__NotFarmable Some ground is not farmable
AdditionError__NotFertile Some ground is not fertile
AdditionError__NotInSlot Must be placed in a highlighted slot
AdditionError__NotStable Some ground is not stable
AdditionError__OceanBlocked Ocean access blocked Pristup okeanu je blokiran
AdditionError__OceanBlockedBy Ocean access blocked by '{0}' or terrain.
AdditionError__OceanBlockedByTerrain Ocean access blocked by terrain at {0} location, you might need to repeat the recovery action.
AdditionError__OceanNotAllowed Cannot place in the ocean
AdditionError__OutsideOfMap Outside of buildable area
AdditionError__SomethingInWay Something is in the way
AdditionError__TerrainTooHigh Terrain too high